For practicing your real estate firm in Texas, you must need a Texas real estate broker license for continuing your real estate business. To obtain a real estate license, you must have a relevant educational qualification and need to submit an application to the Texas real estate commission. But nowadays many online websites have the certification to provide broker license to the real estate agents. There are 2 types of licenses, provided by them, which enables you to sell real estate in Texas such as a sales agent license and a broker license.

Before you decide to practice as a licensed sales agent, then you must arrange a Texas real estate sponsor who was holding an active license to sponsor you as a sales agent. The inactive sales agents are not authorized to act as a real estate license holder. They need to file the sponsorship request along with the application. Alternatively, the application they file and arrange for sponsorship only be authorized after the commission notifies you that you have been issued an active license.

For a Texas real estate sales agent, you don’t have the right to have your own real estate company to sell your real estate property on your own behalf. You need an active authorization to sell the real estate property, but you must work under a licensed broker in the real estate. A particular real estate activity done on behalf of Real Estate license sponsorship to provide broker license for performing the below collection of tasks.

  • Perform the sale, exchange, purchase or lease of real estate properties.
  • Provide many offers to lease, purchase, exchange or sell real estate assets.
  • Do the negotiation of lease, purchase, exchange, sale or listing of real estate.
  • Prepare an agreement for listing the offers of real estate to take the proper attempt for exchange, lease or sale of the property.
  • To auction, the real estate agreement provide a necessary offer and make attempts.
  • Procure the necessary assistance of properties for the purpose of sale, exchange or lease of real estate.
  • Control all the rent acceptance or deposit from single-family residential real property unit resident.
  • For pipeline utility or telecommunication use, the licensed broker needs to perform the sale, purchase, lease or transfer of a right-of-way or easement.
  • Aid, offer or attempt to aid location or acquisition of real estate for lease or purchase.
  • Organize the purchase, sale or provide an offer to purchase or sell to handle all the options related to real estate.
  • Prepare the conclusion of a provision, opinion or written analysis for estimating the real property price.

An active Texas real estate broker license is required for right-of-way agents. Apart from the listed activities, an active real estate license is a must for any individual tasked to sell a part of or all parcel of land for a commission, fee, salary or other valuable consideration. For getting the broker license the broker at least 18 years old, a lawfully admitted as a US citizen, have a legal Texas resident, and the most important they are bound to be integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty.


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