How Real Estate Broker Sponsorship Saves a Real Estate Agent?

Are you a real estate agent or an aspiring real estate agent? You might be trying really hard to earn commissions by clinching a real estate deal right? But still, are you losing your commissions? In all such cases, it is better to take the route of real estate broker sponsorship plan offered by real estate broker firms like ‘Broker Breakup’ that will really make a difference for experienced as well as fresh real estate agents. Most of the agents might be wondering how it might be possible at all. According to our opinion, it is possible because of the plans being presented by them.  According to these plans, all such agents might be able to set up their own real estate company with their brand.

Thus, according to these three different plans, you might be also able to keep your own commissions. It will be much better to know about all these plans in details before moving any further, as follows:-

LLC Sponsorship Plan:-

As an agent, you will have to cuff up 1,500 USD for setting up your own infrastructure for the company. The other features of this plan are as follows:-

  1. Under this plan, you can be able to create your own company.
  2. You can be able to hire your own agents.
  3. You will able to negotiate commission splits.
  4. As a senior real estate agent, you can also be able to market your own brand.
  5. You will also get some special support such as senior level broker support.
  6. You will get an in-house attorney, who will help you in sorting out lots of real estate oriented legal wrangles, issues and mess. It means that such an attorney will provide you lots of tips, advices and suggestions to stay out of all legal hurdles.
  7. As we have already mentioned in our blog that you will able to keep one hundred percent commission coming out of all such real estate deals.
  8. According to this plan, you will able to pay only a one time set up fee.

Now, according to the second and third sponsorship plan also known as individual sponsorship plan 1 and 2, you will be redirected to the partner of Broker Breakup known as pinnacle realty advisors. For more detailed information, you will have to visit the site and fill in the details of your personal info including your license number and message stating your business for contacting the firm.


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