Real Estate Sponsorship of Texas & Numerous Other States

Are you a real estate agent? If you are then are you getting the appropriate commission for doing your job in a real estate agency? In this case, if your answer is a no, then there is a better option through which you will be capable enough to create your own real estate agency & keep the entire commission for yourself. So by now, you might be thinking how it is possible at all? Thus, this is our answer to your every question.

Have you ever heard of real estate sponsorship Texas like states is sponsoring for all the real estate agents who are broke? Actually, there are numerous sponsorship plans that are provided by a brokerage company such as Broker Breakup through which you can avail some good sponsorship plans that can be used to create your own real estate firm that can help you in boosting your real estate business. Before getting ready to invest your precious time and money, it is better to have quick view & review about what these programs are & how they can help are as follows:-

  • LLC Sponsorship Plan-

According to this plan, you can be able to form a Texas Limited Liability Company (LLC) and from it obtaining a broker’s license from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). You are the one and only owner. The company’s principal acts as its individual sponsoring broker & its manager to ensure it complies with TREC’s licensing requirements. So in order to make a good use of such a plan, you need to have a Texas Salesperson License especially when you are from Texas. So the biggest benefit, you are going to get from this plan is that you will be able to keep all the commission for yourself that you gained due to real estate sales. It is an ultimate jackpot for someone like you. Every skilled professional deserves to have something best in his life.

  • Individual Sponsorship Plan:

According to this plan, you just have to associate your license with Pinnacle Realty Advisors via TREC’s ‘My online services’ portal & follow the on-page instructions. For availing or activating this plan, you must need your Texas Salesperson License. Particularly for this plan, individual’s broker license is not required. By getting this plan, you can be able to keep your commission in the same way like LLC sponsorship plan. With the help of this plan, there will not be any charges in commission splits & desk fees.

For more information, please visit the official website and contact its customer care personnel and try to ask more questions that can help you in quelling your doubts & satisfies your soul & mind.


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