How would a Real Estate Agent gain License through Sponsorship?

Ever dreamt of owning your own house that would be customized according to your own needs? A real estate agent may help you in fulfilling your dream of owning a house at a very affordable price. Finding a house that you can customize and at really affordable costs is now easy with real estate agents. But being a real estate agent is not an easy task and requires a large network to operate from. In order to make a huge amount of money, one needs to make a worthy amount of network of clients and sponsors. An agent has to have a license in order to indulge himself in property selling.

For selling of properties, the requirements needed to do it is the license needed by the agent to carry it forward. A real estate license sponsorship is the one step that will take an individual to real heights and summits. Let us take a look at the steps on how you can become a real estate agent:

Complete the required pre-licensing courses: Every state requires a pre-licensing course before appearing for a licensing exam. There are some requirements needed which should be fulfilled and pave the way for licensing examination. The course has variations depending upon the states and more or less each state has criteria of about 60 to 75 hours of college level education in real estate fundamentals.

Pass the real estate licensing examination: Passing the real estate exam is one of the major steps in becoming a full-fledged real estate agent. The length of an exam varies from about 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours based on the state you are in. In most states, the examination requires a minimum of 70% to pass. Topics are based on the pre-licensing courses.

Submit license application:  Once the exams have been cleared you need to apply for a license to get the tag of the official real estate agent. The license has a validity of 2 – 3 years and has a renewal facility after it. The minimum age requirement should be 18 years.

Find a Sponsoring broker to associate your license: A sponsor is required to pitch your license otherwise your license is not considered active until you find a sponsoring broker. They will be training you according to the industry needs and would help you by relating you with the real estate market.

So these are are some steps that are adopted by the real estate agents for acquiring the license to deal with the real estate industry.


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